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Historical background

When Taiwan Province just recovered, Dacun Township was assigned to Taichung County, named Dacun Village, Yuanlin district, Taichung County. In October of 1950, due to adjusting the administrative division of province counties and cities, it was assigned the large village township of Changhua county.

Dacun Township located in the south of Changhua city, in the middle part of Changhua county. Face to Fenyuan Township. Pass through Zhongshan highway and Huatan Township, people can reach Yuanlin Township.
The people of Dacun Village are sincere thrifty, bear hardships, work hard, and friendly. This gregarious society has China's inherent rural custom. Owing to the town has special climate, soil property factor and fine cultivation technique, we produce abundant vitamin, which is good for blood and maintaining the good skin. We also produce Chufon grape, planted over 400 hectares. We also select some outstanding peasants with their farms to become a tourism farm. Qualified certificate issued to prove the quality of farms.  

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